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Welcome To Keli Machinery Official Website
Keli will attend CHINAPLAS2014
Keli Machinery2014-04-20Browse 2609 Times
Our company will attend CHINAPLAS2014 to be held from Apr. 23 to Apr. 26 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Our booth Nr. Is Hall Nr. W5, booth number E12.
Welcome to customers both home and abroad to our booth.
Add: No.2345 Longyang Rd, Pudong District, Shanghai, China

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Qianchen Industrial Estate, Toutuo, Huangyan,
Taizhou, zhejiang, China

Tel: 0576-84911388  84911398
Fax: 0576-84911399
Domestic Sales: 13905761196
Foreign Trade: 13957627011
E-mail: admin@tzkeli.com.cn
Web: www.javafox.org

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