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Welcome To Keli Machinery Official Website
Keli is committed to providing packaging solutions for medicine, food, cosmetics and other industries. In order to meet the challenges of the most packaging technical requirements of the industry, Keli develops a one-step three position injection blow hollow molding machine that is thoughtful, efficient and resource-saving. It is used for the production of PE, PP, PS, barex, PC, PVC as raw materials for medicine bottles, food, cosmetics bottles, etc.

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Qianchen Industrial Estate, Toutuo, Huangyan,
Taizhou, zhejiang, China

Tel: 0576-84911388  84911398
Fax: 0576-84911399
Domestic Sales: 13905761196
Foreign Trade: 13957627011
E-mail: admin@tzkeli.com.cn
Web: www.javafox.org

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